Friday, 27 November 2009

10k along Brighton Seafront

Up early this morning to get down to Brighton for a breezy 10k run along the seafront with Brandon, owner at FitForAll, a friendly, results focused gym in Hove.

A couple of FitForAll members joined us, and we headed down to the bracing seafront, running from Portslade eastwards past the old pier, and up to the new pier. Brandon certainly extolled his “local gym” image by saying hello to most of the people we passed, runners and pedestrians alike. The wind on our backs helped on the outward 5k, but it was a different story on the way back.

I wasn’t allowed to stop for a breather, so we slowed the pace for a few minutes before picking it up again. Cutting inland by a couple of blocks reduced the wind resistance, and Brandon kept me going with local knowledge and points of interest.

Back at the club 50 minutes later, I have to say it was a tough run but very enjoyable, and set me up for a good day’s consulting (and a good nap on the train home that evening!)