Monday, 28 April 2014

Radical New Programme to Transform Fitness Industry

A revolutionary new concept is here and it’s going to shake up the Fitness Industry. Dubbed HIIT, the programme sees gym staff approaching members in the gym and introducing themselves; 

“Hi, I’m an Instructor/Trainer”

Staff initially find the interaction quite intense, so will normally try out HIIT for short intervals, before returning to their normal day-to-day routine of checking their smart phones, chatting to each other, or trying to look cool but unapproachable.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Budget Gyms as disruptors

Business disruptors are always interesting, and often very successful. We've blogged about low-cost gym market disruptors here many times, covering staff turnover, member messaging, and lessons from budget gyms. 

The 3 rules for market disruption are as follows:

  1. Constantly steer towards your objective
  2. Don’t wildly exceed people’s needs
  3. The most effortless experience wins