Friday, 22 June 2018

An Active Uprising in Manchester

Congratulations are due to ukactive for a fantastic new event in Manchester. Times are changing, and the Active Uprising brought together an ever-growing network of like-minded people and organisations as a movement with a global drive for physical activity.

With different streams focusing on Community, Innovation, ukactive Kids, Sweat North, and Ignite, there was something for everyone in the fitness industry. Many delegates wanted to be in more than one session at a time, and all breakout sessions were popular.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Drowning in data? How to make sense of the customer feedback deluge with MyCustomerLens

The fitness industry is collecting more customer feedback every day, but [how] is the data being used?

Let’s look at where some of this data comes from, how you can collect better feedback, and use the data to improve your bottom line.

  • Net Promoter Score is now established in the fitness industry, and is a great benchmark. But you must ask the follow-up open question “Why did you give that score?” It's this follow-up question that turns NPS from another metric into the secret of continuous improvement. 
  • Likewise, “Score your induction”, “How was the joining process”, etc. on a scale of e.g. 1-5 are interesting, but the free format comments that follow is where the real value lies if you want to improve your customer experience.
  • Finally, there’s a wealth of information in leavers questionnaires, particularly when free format questions are asked (rather than a multiple choice “why are you leaving?”, which inevitable shows most ex-members “moving away”).

So, if you’re asking lots of free format questions, you have lots of comments.

Making more people more active with data – imin, are you?

“imin will fundamentally disrupt the way we use data in the sector, and cause a huge impact in the world. We are proud to be working alongside them” said Peter Fitzboydon, former CEO of London Sport. Peter is now MD of Parkwood Leisure.

From a member retention perspective, we see imin as a tool to increase engagement, firstly by bringing more members into a club, but also by enabling existing members to exercise outside the club. Filling exercise classes in general is a good thing for getting members to stick around, and imin is also interesting from a reporting and integration perspective.

imin and the openactive community are using data to help get people active. Anyone using an app connected through imin can search for all activities and facilities, and instantly book available sessions.