Friday, 4 June 2010

BHF Canary Wharf Jog 2010

It was a lovely hot day for the British Heart Foundation Canary Wharf Jog this Wednesday, and the crowds gathered as the early evening sun dodged between the tower blocks. Team GG Fit comprised of Zoe, Leigh and Guy (all completing the BHF Trilogy of Jogs) and Richie stood in ably for the missing Nigel. Runners at the exclusive Canary Wharf Jog are limited to 1,300 for health & safety reasons, so there were a few disappointed people hoping to register on the day.

As usual, once the jog started, it is clear why numbers are limited, as you dodge between buildings and try not to bump into the city drinkers along the banks of the Thames. The first two laps were slow going, with a few bottlenecks, but the field soon spread out, and our knees took a pounding on the hard roads and pavements.

Richie dropped back after a few laps, but the trio of Zoe, Leigh & Guy stayed strong and stuck together until the 8th lap, when Zoe & Guy upped the pace, motivated by the thought of catching Richie. He was lapped on our 10th lap, and encouraged with a “come on, only one more to go”.

After the distance disputes at the 2009 Tower Jog, the GPS showed that we had redeemed ourselves this year by running 11.5km. It certainly seemed like a long run, and after high fives, back slaps and hugs, we headed to join the drinkers by the Thames for a well earned cool down drink, or three.

A big thanks to everyone who has sponsored us, total raised to date it £1,155, click here to see the total, or to add to it!