Thursday, 25 January 2018

GGFit Mini Masterclasses Preview

2 minute preview of the forthcoming mini masterclasses running this Feb

There will be four free webinars, running every Monday at 2pm from 5th Feb.

register at, or like and subscribe at

Friday, 12 January 2018

GGFit Mini-Masterclasses for Improved Member Retention

In 2018 GGFit will be producing Mini-Masterclasses in Membership Retention. This extends our mission to increase awareness about retention initiatives that work, to educate the fitness industry and question the status quo, and to help you to get your members fitter, healthier and happier.

As well as getting lots of ideas as to how you can measure and improve your member retention, you’ll also learn how to implement those ideas. Plus, you can expect your staff to be more engaged and motivated, your members to stick around longer, and your bottom line to look more positive.

The format will be short, focused sessions for 5-10 minutes on a key retention message or initiative each week. These will be live-cast over the web on our webinar platform, as well as being live-streamed to Facebook. As such, all sessions will initially be free, but you can catch-up on previous sessions, and get reminders for future sessions if you register here.