Friday, 3 April 2009

2009 Goals update

How are your personal targets for 2009 looking? Completed, not started, or a quarter of the way there? It’s the start of April, spring has sprung, and it’s a good time for a review.
If you don’t have any, get some, and write them down now! Mine are here.

And here’s how they’re going…

  • One 10k done, 3 lined up for April, May & June in aid of the BHF, so will be past halfway in Q2
  • Knees feeling the pressure of snowboarding & running, but warming up properly for both!

  • Life coaching starting to have effect on staff in gyms & clubs, but at least 6-9 months needed demonstrable results on motivation and member retention

  • Guitar going well, helped by new guitar for birthday!
  • Charity events – join me here

Next update June, or sooner…

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