Friday, 15 January 2010


Thinking of joining a gym in 2010? Here's what you should think about before you start looking, when you go on a tour, and during a trial membership:

Before you start looking
1. What’s your goal? (fitness, shape, weight loss/gain, etc)
2. What will motivate you? (friends, environment, personal trainer, etc)
3. When / how often will you visit? (should it be close to home or work)
4. What facilities do you need? (gym, classes, pool, etc)
5. How much time/money do you want to commit?

Ask on your gym tours
1. Can I have a trial membership?
2. What are the options, can I upgrade/ downgrade/ freeze/ cancel?
3. Do I need an induction and will you set/review my program?
4. Are your instructors REPs certified? (Register of Exercise Professionals)
5. What’s included in the membership, and what’s extra?

To-do on your free visits
1. Visit at peak times, and times you would normally use the club
2. Use the facilities you need (check out the others)
3. Talk to instructors and other members
4. Haggle. Will the club waive the initiation, or reduce the monthly fee?
5. Share your goal with the instructors so they can help you

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