Thursday, 15 April 2010

BHF Hyde Park Jog 2010

Thousands gathered yesterday on a wonderful spring evening for the fourth annual BHF Hyde Park Jog. Entries were quickly processed, t-shirts collected, and then Mario from Fitness First led a great warm up from the bandstand. Team GG Fit represented by Zoë, Leigh & Guy were raring to go, motivated to all finish within an hour, and the promise of a pint afterwards!

With over 2,000 runners, the start was busy, but we soon settled into our rhythm, and stuck together all the way round the first (5km) lap, chatting a little, and enjoying the early evening sun and views of the park and the Serpentine. At the halfway point, Zoë stretched her legs and upped the pace, leaving Guy 20 metres behind, and Leigh 20m further back.

Guy plugged into his running playlist, and caught Zoë at about 7km as Insomnia by Faithless kicked in. Shortly after Bombtrack (Rage Against the Machine) dropped, Guy’s legs stepped up a gear, and he was cruising past people on the west side of The Long Water. Had he gone too early? Possibly, he thought, but then the opening refrains of The Eye of the Tiger started as he passed the final 1km sign, and this carried him through to the finish. It just goes to show, music can be a great motivator!

Final times – Guy: 54 minutes, Zoë: 54½, Leigh: 56½. Handshakes and back slaps all round with a few hello’s to some other familiar faces, and then off to the pub for that pint.

Looking forward to the next BHF jog on 5 May at the Tower of London.
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