Friday, 24 September 2010

Recipe Suggestion – A Member Retention Stir-fry

Here's an alternate take on our Member Retention introduction - we hope you like it!

Recipe Suggestion – A Member Retention Stir-fry
Serves many, feel free to add or remove ingredients depending on your policy or focus

- Mixed People (staff, management, members)
- Systems (database, card file, processes)
- Various Communications – internal interaction & external messaging

Marinade the people in goal setting and aspiration coaching for a few hours or overnight to get buy-in to the systems and processes
Soak the systems until straightforward and understood
Roughly chop the internal and external communications

Method: Add the people to a well oiled gym with good air-conditioning, and stir fry until sealed. Add the chopped internal interaction and mix for a couple of minutes, before adding the external messaging and turning the air-con down to medium. Drain the systems and add to the gym and stir well

Serve: With a side order of social media apps (strategy prepared beforehand), and an ice cold bottle of positive feedback loops for members, staff, and management

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George Smith said...

Great initiative Guy. I think one of the challenges is within management recognizing the contribution that staff make to this process. This is often overlooked so any system that can demonstrate this contribution is well worth the investment. Great Blog