Monday, 14 February 2011

London Love Run 2011

We had a great time at the London Love Run in Finsbury Park at the weekend. The event was organised by Action Duchenne, to raise money and awareness for this serious muscular dystrophy, with three races, held in London, Cardiff and Manchester.

There were over 1,000 runners present in Finsbury Park on Saturday morning, with around 700 taking part in the 10k category according to raceplus. Our team included Zoe, Carly, Leigh, Alistair, Richie and Guy, and everyone was pleased with their times, ranging from 53 minutes to just over the hour. A special shout goes out to Carly who ran 10k in under 1 hour for the first time! times here

Thanks to all who supported us, especially Jasmine and Amelie. Looking forward to the next 10k on our calendar, around the Olympic Park in Newham on 27 March 2011. Join us here

About Duchenne 

Duchenne muscular dystrophy (Duchenne) is a severe recessive X-linked form of muscular dystrophy characterized by rapid progression of muscle degeneration, eventually leading to paralysis and early death. This affects one in 3500 males, making it the most prevalent of muscular dystrophies. In general, only males are afflicted, though females can be carriers. The disorder is caused by a mutation in the dystrophin gene, located in humans on the X chromosome. The Dystrophin gene codes for the protein dystrophin, an important structural component within muscle tissue. Dystrophin provides structural stability to the dystroglycan complex (DGC), located on the cell membrane.

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