Monday, 19 November 2012

No ties. No contract. Sound familiar?

Sky has introduced a new internet TV service to compete with LOVEFiLM and Netflix. NOW TV allows subscribers to watch films instantly, online. 

The “No Contract” headlines sound like they’ve come straight from the “how to build a budget gym” handbook, there’s even no joining fee! We’re not suggesting that Sky are learning from the fitness industry, but there are certainly lessons for gyms and health clubs in the way Sky is adapting to maintain its share of this highly competitive market.

Can I START MY 30 DAY FREE TRIAL at YOUR club tomorrow?

One more thing… this is another service that will be competing for £8.99 - £15 per month of your member’s hard earned cash.


George Smith said...

It seems a real shame to me that clubs are leading their marketing message with how easy it is to stop or quit, what happened to added value or results based selling. I understand why they do it, but I think it encourages members to treat clubs like facilities and does not encourage a club culture

Guy Griffiths said...

You're right George, it is a shame that more and more clubs are leading with this... it started as a USP, but is rapidly becoming the norm.

Flip it around, and it should mean that clubs then work harder to retain their members. This is the new USP, or value add, which only a few clubs are doing.