Monday, 18 February 2013

Personal Training Aspirations

How do Personal Trainers help to deliver great member retention, and what can clubs and staff learn from them?

Many gym staff aspire to be personal trainers. Some are motivated by the ‘money’, but instructors who make the transition successfully are likely to be focused on interaction and getting results.

Great PTs have great client retention and are therefore a great asset to a club. Their retention is good is because they have to interact with all their clients regularly, and they know their customers really well.
The client arrives for an appointment knowing what to expect, and leaves with another appointment booked. They will hopefully visit again or do some form of exercise before the next PT session, but there is a milestone in the calendar, and it is always clear where they are in the journey.

PT Contract / business models:

   1. Pay per session, open agreement
   2. 10 sessions, pay up front
   3. Monthly fee, 1, 2, 3, 4 sessions/month + extra session set fee
   4. Quick catch-up 30 minute sessions (2 clients?)

Qualifications, drive and sound business sense are important pre-requisites if you want to become a PT. But brilliant interaction skills will help you to get results for your members, which is the magic wand that you need. This is also what the best clubs (the ones that care about retaining members) are looking for in their staff.

PTs - find out how to charge your clients less & make more money!

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