Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Perfect Health Club

In an infinite universe, where everything's possible, there's a gym somewhere that has reached its member capacity. All the equipment is being utilised all the time, and the layout is such that members can switch between exercises with minimum waiting and fuss. The only time that new members can join is when existing members move out of the area (which they rarely do, as the club is so good), or die (which they hardly ever do, as they're all so fit!)

Of course, there are plans to expand
, with extra classes being scheduled for the busiest periods, and more kit being purchased (based on utilisation reports).  Other activities, like the running club and outdoor bootcamps, are already popular additions, and provide more capacity at peak times.

The new member waiting list is long, and prospects are happy to pay a deposit (effectively a joining fee) for the privilege of joining the club sometime in the future.
An imperfect gym, yesterday

In an ideal world, where you have perfect member retention, this would be your club. Now stop worrying about how to handle the problems or complaints, because there aren't any! Instead, think about how you could move closer to having perfect member retention at your club today, tomorrow, and the next day. What’s the next step you are going to take to ensure your members keep coming back for more, and stick around for life?

Comments below please, or if you know of the perfect club, please let us know about it!

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