Friday, 17 January 2014

New Fitness Class to take UK by storm

New Year’s resolutioners are flocking to gyms as usual this January, but in 2014 there’s a new class designed to motivate more members to lose weight.

The “Twerkout” is a full body exercise class, based around moves made popular at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. It’s a great class for beginners and experienced exercisers and focuses on bums, legs and core strength.

“Twerking has its roots in African Dance and New Orleans bounce music, but the first live TV performance was back in 1982 on Top of the Pops by Haysi Fantayzee” says Fitness Active’s head of Group Exercise, Carly Cyrus (no relation). “It’s become really popular lately through rap and dance acts, as well as being a runner up in the Oxford Dictionaries’ word of the year 2013.

The Twerkout is a great class to stretch out the hamstrings and calves and work the gluteus maximus. It also builds on core body strength and flattens the tummy. Anyone who spends too long hunched over a desk throughout the day should give it a try – it will do great things for your posture and pulling power.

The class incorporates stretching and warm-up before working with life-sized cut-outs of blurred American-Canadian singer-songwriters. Participants can choose to twerk with each other, but are advised to sign mutual consent forms before the class, since the club will not be responsible for any relationship difficulties arising from the class.

Taking selfies while twerking is not recommended until you have attended at least 5 classes, and signed a consent form.

Virtual TwerkOut Classes and the licensed TwerkOut video will inevitably follow later in the year.

What do you think will be the next exercise craze, or what are the most bizarre/fun classes that you have taken part in?  Please leave your thoughts/comments or experiences below.

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