Thursday, 2 October 2014

LIW 2014 - highlights

This year’s Leisure Industry Week is smaller again, having moved to hall 1 at the NEC, with a few companies noticeably absent from the exhibition, and other industry players not attending even for meetings.

For GGFit, it is still one of the key events in the Leisure Industry calendar, bringing key partners, customers and prospects together for a ‘week’ to network, connect, share ideas, and do business. One thing is clear, meetings need to be scheduled with a time and place… anyone who is slightly disorganised and hopes to meet people in the corridors of the exhibition or conference sessions will be chasing up for a meeting after LIW.

We had pretty much back to back meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday, but managed to look around the exhibition for an hour or so… here’s what we suggest you check out if you’re visiting on Thursday

Device: FitQuest – a great fitness/bodystat measuring station for clubs. Self-explanatory for members to use, although it could be an interaction opportunity for staff too. It provides the member and club  with more excellent data insights which will help motivate and retain members.

Exercise/Class: FitSteps – famous faces and ballroom/latin dance classes. Fun, sociable, mixed, fast. Should be the next Zumba… not everyone’s a fan, but who hasn’t heard of Strictly?

Drink: Hydro+ - I’m not usually a fan of supplements/rehydration products, although we’ve considered the retention effect in the past. However the overall package and roadmap for Hydro+ is very well thought out. It is much more than a secondary spend opportunity, providing more opportunities to engage and connect with your members.

How was your LIW, did we miss you? Contact us for a meeting, or comment below.

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