Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Don't limit your member communication by channel

Gym member communication campaigns are popular, but tend to be limited by the channel (or communication method).

Clubs think about the cost of sending, or will often use one method depending on the segment they are sending to. When considering cost, email is usually favourite (i.e. cheapest), even though delivery and open rates are so (comparatively) low. And sending constant texts to prospects, or letters to ex-members will bring diminishing returns. It’s important to mix it up to get the best results, for all segments of your database.

Let’s consider an example of 1,000 contacts, for whom we have 700 emails, 500 mobile numbers, and 1,000 postal addresses. We also need to know that of the 300 members we don’t have email for, we only have 50 mobiles, and for the 500 without mobile, we have 200 emails.

Assuming we want to send one message to every contact;
  • If we lead a campaign on email, we’ll send 700 emails, and then either 300 letters, or 50 sms and 250 letters.
  • Leading with sms, we send 500 sms, followed by 200 emails, and 300 letters.
A one-time campaign to members, prospects, or ex-members is relatively straightforward, but sometimes, we’ll even double up on communications – following up a postal mailshot with an email or sms link reminder to increase click-throughs or tours.

However, running a weekly or daily campaign to the 50 members that joined last week, or the 10 members who visited 21 days ago but haven’t been since can be a little more complex. Assuming the same sample proportions as above, you’d send 7 emails, 1 sms and 2 letters, or maybe 5 sms, 2 emails and 3 letters. Complex, but not impossible.

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