Friday, 20 March 2015

Who you gonna call?

We’re really pleased that several of our Stick Around Service clubs are taking it to the next level and calling either new and/or absent members.

Messages are good at retaining members, but as we've explained here before, a phone call can have a much better effect. Lack of resource is often given as a reason not to make the calls, but here’s three ways of making the most of limited staff time and helping your members stay active:

Calling new members

Ideally, you want to call ALL new members to see how they’re getting on, but if you only have time to call a select few, ring the ones who've made less visits, as they’re at more risk and need more motivation. Run a weekly report or set a trigger to show you who joined, say, 3 weeks ago, and include their total visits.

Calling absent members

Send absentees a couple of messages first (say, at day 21 & 30) to get some to return, then segment the rest by length of membership and perhaps membership type. Call the newer members first, or choose a certain membership group to focus on.

Leave a message

It’s best to call and speak to the member (call at a good day/time), since you then have a meaningful two way interaction. However, if you can’t speak to them, it’s actually quicker and easier to leave a voicemail, which is way more personal than the email or sms you sent earlier. Have a standard script that you can personalise, include a call to action just like in the messages, and leave a name/number that that can call back

The Stick Around Service (powered by Cascade3d Communicate) can trigger targeted call lists for new or absent members, prioritised by any database field, and track types of call, notes, and outcomes. Click here or contact us for more information.

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