Friday, 3 April 2015

Do messages make people cancel?

The straight answer (to a straight question) is “Yes”. 

Some absent members will cancel their membership after receiving an encouraging message by SMS, email or letter. However, many more members will return after the message, which will outweigh the leavers.

In our experience of sending absentee messages via many different channels, around 50% of members return after one message, and another 20-25% come back after receiving a second message.
It’s hard to say how many would have returned anyway if the messages hadn't been sent, but we’re confident that absentee messages boost return rates, and show excellent customer service.

Conversely, some of the members who cancel would have cancelled anyway. OK, they've perhaps been prompted to cancel a month early, but again, it shows good ethics, and we can work on getting them back again sooner!

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