Monday, 13 July 2015

Returning Member Motivation - "Back to Fitness"

It’s a year since we posted our Zero to Hero programme, aimed at getting new (inexperienced) members up and running in the gym. A few clubs have been running different levels of Zero to Hero, from logging visits on cards (like a coffee loyalty card) to triggering communications from membership systems for class attendance.

New member motivation programmes are a simple way of increasing first month visits and getting members into the exercise habit. But similar challenges can also be offered to members who are returning after a prolonged absence. Recognising and flagging members who return after extended time-off from the club is a worthwhile exercise. You can offer them a simple programme review, along with additional support through their first month back, akin to the new member journey.

In terms of a challenge or “Back to Fitness” programme, get them to complete at least one visit per week, and a minimum of 6 visits in the first month (don’t overdo it). Encourage them to take part in at least one class, and whatever other ‘tasks’ you decide. Encourage them along the way, and when they’ve completed the programme, reward them with a pat on the back, a congratulatory SMS text message or postcard, or go to town with guest passes, t-shirts or bigger prizes to lead them on to Bounts or Perkville.

This could be an exclusive challenge for absent returning members, but (depending on the reward) there’s no reason why anyone else could join the challenge. The main objective should be to ‘sell’ it to as many returning members as possible.

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