Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Olympic and Paralympic Challenges

The Rio Olympics run from Friday 5th to Sunday 21st August, and the Paralympics from Wednesday 7th to Sunday 18th September. Both are great opportunities to run challenges at your club, but with a month to go, you'll need to move fast to be ready...

As with all member challenges, we recommend keeping it simple, varied, and inclusive. As the games themselves are built around inclusivity, this should be a key attribute. Design the challenge so as many members as possible can take part, and if possible, have a small prize for everyone who joins the challenge, and then additional prizes, or a prize draw for everyone who completes. Take photos of your members on a podium with medals and share on social media.

Here are some challenge ideas, in case there aren't already enough on this blog elsewhere...

  • Simple: Count Visits / Workouts / Classes
  • Medium: Run, Row, Ride, Swim certain distances
  • Complex: Complete 10 events
You can record achievements on a simple 'coffee card' that gets signed or stamped for each workout or km. Alternatively, your Leisure Management System or Exercise Management System could track members' milestones. For the 'Complex' 10 event Decathlon, have member complete 5 mandatory events (2km run, 5km cycle, 1km row, swim session, cardio class), and then pick 5 more from a selection.

A successful challenge needs preparation before and follow-up after the event. Shout about the challenge again and again; in your newsletters, social media, posters, team meetings, programme reviews, inductions, at reception, and any other member communication channels you have. 

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