Friday, 5 August 2016

Do your members enjoy being single?

This is a guest post from Joshua Uwadiae of WeGym...

When your members buddy up they will stick around longer, see more results and you will make more money.

Members who make a friend at the gym are 40 per cent less likely to cancel their membership, according to the TRP 10,000 report. 

Team sports naturally engender a social atmosphere and make friend-making easy, it's less natural to strike up a friendship with a stranger on the treadmill next to you. This is why operators up until this point have never been able to scalably influence this process. 

How can you help more of your members buddy up and make friends?

We would like to introduce you to WeGym. It’s an app with a suite of management tools that allows your members to find a gym buddy. 

We are able to make finding a gym buddy a seamless extension of the member’s journey - imagine every member that joins your gym was automatically welcomed to a community and able to buddy up with like minded members.

This would best support new members who are churn vulnerable and often intimidated by a gym environment. Instead of struggling alone they would be welcomed to a support system of other members on the same journey.

We are giving birth to a new type of member loyalty. As our industry grows, member attention and loyalty is under increasing pressure from new gyms popping up on every corner, trendy boutiques and exciting direct to consumer technology enabling you to workout outside of the gym.

How can we further incentivise our members to stick around? 

We have to leverage the opportunities of digital fitness and empower our members to train together, data has proven we achieve more together so it’s about time we give our members a fair chance at finding someone.

Joshua Uwadiae is the CEO of WeGym, a young man with an "old soul". Find out more about Josh at, or download the WeGym app here

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