Monday, 23 April 2018

Why SMS Member Comms Has the Best Hit Rate

At GGFit, we trigger hundreds of text messages (SMS) every day on behalf of our client clubs to their members. The primary objective is to get absent members to return, but we also send a lot of good news messages via SMS too.

We send a plenty of emails, letters, postcards, etc. everyday too, but for certain triggers, particularly absentees, we recommend SMS. This is because SMS is more effective at getting absent members to return. (Actually, postcards are most effective, but they are also most costly).

The average open rate for email in the Health & Fitness Industry is just below 20%. We typically achieve more than 50% with clever subject lines and engaging content, but nothing beats the SMS open rate of 98%... within 10 minutes! We know we can get through to members quickly with a critical SMS message, and we see lower unsubscribe rates with SMS too. For every 1,000 messages sent, we see around 4 unsubscribes from email, compared with 2 STOPs from SMS (these are GGFit client stats, not industry averages).

SMS is sometimes considered to be old tech, even though it post-dates email by 20 years, and particularly when clubs these days are being encouraged to use social media and apps, etc. But we have yet to find a club where even half of the members have downloaded the app or follow/like social media channels. Compare this with average mobile opt-in of over 96%, and SMS is really a no-brainer in terms of member contact.

In a world going crazy for apps and social media, SMS simply works, and has a proven return on investment. It’s a key weapon in the health-club retention battle.

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