Thursday, 14 June 2018

Making more people more active with data – imin, are you?

“imin will fundamentally disrupt the way we use data in the sector, and cause a huge impact in the world. We are proud to be working alongside them” said Peter Fitzboydon, former CEO of London Sport. Peter is now MD of Parkwood Leisure.

From a member retention perspective, we see imin as a tool to increase engagement, firstly by bringing more members into a club, but also by enabling existing members to exercise outside the club. Filling exercise classes in general is a good thing for getting members to stick around, and imin is also interesting from a reporting and integration perspective.

imin and the openactive community are using data to help get people active. Anyone using an app connected through imin can search for all activities and facilities, and instantly book available sessions.

For activity providers (clubs), imin helps to sell more activity sessions; spin classes, badminton courts, PT sessions, etc. Through the imin API, fitness booking apps and systems will promote your activities, and help fill your timetable without any upfront marketing spend (some apps may want to charge a commission on booking).
For existing members of a club, there’s the option to book activities running outside your facilities through imin on your app or system (if you’re open-minded enough). This helps retain your member by engaging them in activities outside your core offering, or when certain classes are full. For example, running clubs, yoga studios, tennis or football.

The reporting data that this provides shows usage for non-members and members alike. More booking availability creates more management information that can be used for business development, alongside, or integrated into tools like the DataHub. There may even be a revenue share for booking activities from other providers, and/or a discount for your members.

Find out more about imin here, or meet (and vote for) them at Active Uprising in Manchester on 21 June.

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