Friday, 1 February 2019

Three Quick Retention Tips for ClubRight customers

In the same way that low-cost gyms have transformed the health club marketplace, solutions like ClubRight are helping to modernise the way fitness businesses are run. With their “built for gym owners by gym owners” mantra, we’ve been fans of their under-complicated approach, and ability to adapt to a club’s way of working, rather than the club having to change their operations to fit the software.

More developments are on the way from ClubRight, particularly in the member engagement space. In the meantime, here’s three simple ways you can monitor and improve your member retention with the ClubRight system.

Active vs Absent

Check your Active/Absent member percentage. Run the Sleeping members report (Retention), which shows all live (paying) members who haven’t been see for over a month. Let’s say your total member count is 1,000, and you have 300 sleeping members, so 30% are sleeping, and 70% are active. Read this if you’re worried about waking sleeping dogs, otherwise, get in touch with all the sleeping members who visited most recently, try to get them back, and measure again next month to see if you’ve improved.

At Risk

Check your at-Risk members. Run the Red alert members report to find out your active (visiting) members who are at risk. As above, you can either check this report on screen, or print out as a contact list, and talk to all at risk members in the club to see if they need to increase their visit frequency and reduce their risk of drop-out.

Expired Frequents

While not strictly retention, it’s well worth checking your Expired Frequent Attenders.  It’s generally easier to sell to ex-members than to new prospects. So, run this report monthly as well, and contact a selection of ex-members who used to attend frequently. You’ll start to get a return rate, and if you treat these returning members right, they’ll stick around longer this time around!

There are more great features and automations in ProRight, but try these three KPIs and actions, and you’ll get your members to stick around longer, get healthier and happier, and boost your business as well!

Find out more about ClubRight, and get a demo by clicking here.

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