Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Evidence Concludes: eGym Users Workout More and Stay Longer (Gym Owner Monthly)

A study conducted by an experienced independent retention specialist has highlighted the significant positive impact the eGym training solution has on member usage and member retention. 

Over a period of 3 months, Guy Griffiths, Founder of GGFit, worked in close collaboration with four operators to interrogate the attendance and usage data of more than 10,000 members. Sites selected to participate in the study were: Crook Log Leisure Centre managed by Parkwood Leisure; the Waterfront Leisure Complex, managed by Inverclyde Leisure; King’s School, an independent, dual use school facility and ESPH a private gym and physiotherapy facility.

“The sites selected to participate in this 3-month retention coaching programme were chosen to provide diversity and to explore whether usage habits are mirrored in different environments”, explains Guy Griffiths. “In each scenario, we studied de-personalised data of members who joined in 2018. Whilst this is only a small study, the evidence, across the board, concludes that eGym users work out more and stay longer than non eGym users.”

In the case of the two leisure centres, eGym users stay, on average, a month longer than non eGym users. Guy adds: “This study looked at data relating to new joiners in 2018 up until September 2019 so the one month extension is significant. The improvement in the length of stay also directly correlates to the level of ongoing engagement. In all examples, eGym users work out more times per month than non eGym users. At Kings School, for example, eGym users visit on average 2.2 times more per month than non eGym users.”

“It was also interesting to dig a little deeper into the data and look at the impact eGym Premium has on engagement” says Guy.

eGym Premium offers an even more bespoke automated training experience than eGym Classic and is an upgrade option. Crook Log Leisure Centre has yet to introduce Premium, so, at the time of this study, data was only available across the other three participating sites. On average, at these sites, Premium users are visiting 10.8 times per month compared to 6.5 times by eGym Classic users and 5.8 times by non eGym users.

Guy adds: “The study suggests, the more bespoke an experience a training system can offer, the more engaged the user will be.  The intelligent eGym system also gives gym staff access to real time information about members, creating opportunities to interact and support, enhancing the member experience further. Better engagement leads to more visits per month and a longer period of stay. This is all great news for operators who will reap the financial benefits resulting from a higher yield per member.”

Commenting on the study, Kerstin Obenauer, Country Director, eGym UK, says: “eGym users work out more and stay longer. Fact. Now that this pilot study is complete, we plan to commission a much larger study, incorporating sites and users from our global network.”

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