Monday, 24 June 2019

More Member Feedback - Ex-member feedback 5/5

We’ve talked about joiners and leavers, however, you will have limited numbers on both of these processes, depending on your sales and retention numbers. Your active member database should offer a larger data set, but it’s often your ex-members that can reveal a lot. Whether or not you have asked for feedback as they left, it’s nearly always worth surveying your ex-members – those who left in the last couple of years, say quarterly. Again, ask open questions, find out what they’re up to now, what are their current fitness goals, where they are exercising, how often, and other more general info that shows you’re still interested in them.

What we’ve learned from ex-members’ feedback

  1. Around 50-60% of them are doing no exercise now. So, while you thought they all left to join the new club that opened nearby, they’re back on the market now.
  2. Only a handful will unsubscribe!
  3. More will write back telling you what you need to do (or where you need to go), some criticism is less constructive, but they’re getting it off their chest. If it’s really un-constructive criticism, then we manually unsubscribe them from future comms!

This is the fifth article in a series on customer feedback

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