Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Gyms - 10 ways to beat the crunch

  1. Incentivise your staff on member retention
  2. Offer existing members a new benefit for free in order to make them feel at least as important as the new members
  3. Invite recent cancellations back for free session or two, & a coffee & chat
  4. Contact the customers about to cancel. You know who they are
  5. If someone asks to cancel, offer to reduce their payments for 3 months
  6. Show fitness improvements or offer refunds
  7. Entice recent redundancies into the gym during the day (for less?)
  8. Set an attrition target. You don’t have to reduce drop-out, your target could be to keep it the same for now
  9. Demonstrate value to all members, all the time
  10. Incentivise your management on staff retention
…or you could spend more money trying to get new members through the door with “no joining fee” offers, give them a free rucksack, and keep repeating the mantra – “the fitness industry is not affected by the recession”

Some of these ideas may seem controversial, in which case, terms & conditions would of course apply, but please feel free to comment on any of the points.

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