Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Don’t Offer Opt-In - Member Messaging

A few clubs we know don’t give their members the choice to opt-in or out of communications as they join.

Whether online or in club, member’s details are recorded, with address, e-mail and mobile as mandatory fields. They are told briefly about the communication journey that they will receive as new members, which sounds very attractive and valued.

The same day they join, the new member will receive a highly motivational e-mail welcoming them to the club, reminding them of all the benefits of their specific membership, perhaps a voucher or offer for a friend, and the usual unsubscribe options (which is unlikely to happen given the compelling content of the message).

At the end of week one, if the member has visited, they get a congratulations text, again with an unsubscribe (STOP) option. Members who haven’t visited by the end of week one get a different text, encouraging them to make a visit soon.

As long as the messages are well timed, relevant and interesting, members who were ‘forced’ to opt-in are much less likely to opt-out, and you have more communication channels open with your members.

Unless you are going to pass on your members’ details to third parties, don’t ask for their permission to do so, just tell them you won’t. You will reduce their faith in what you’re using their data for, and they’re more likely to opt-out of all.

We're not commenting on whether this is right or wrong, or even legal - more on that next week...

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