Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Get More Members to Opt-in - Member Messaging

We’ve explored the value of data and collecting mobile numbers and e-mail addresses previously. Budget clubs are much better at acquiring good data with fulfilment rates close to 100% due to their online joining and confirmation process.

But even fulfilment rates of 100% are no good if half of those members opt-out of receiving communications. It is important to ask members’ permission, and there are good and bad ways of doing it.

Assuming you want to be able to communicate with your members, a simple tick box on a form can have a mixed effect. People will often default to the easiest (fewest steps) option, so asking them to check a box to opt-in will get fewer results than asking them to check a box to opt-out. Online, this can be taken further, by checking the box already, and asking the member to un-check it.

When it comes down to it, you have to sell the opt-in, whether it is an option or not. Firstly you need to understand all the reasons you will want to communicate with your members. There will be reasons that are easy to explain to them, and ones that you might rather not tell them about, from motivational messages to offers, news to renewals.

All staff then need to be briefed on why collecting contact details and opt-in is so important. They need to know how the information will be used, what it means to the member, the business, and to them, the employees. Armed with this information, they can sell the opt-in to all members… “Our brilliant gym team will notice if you’re not visiting as much as you used to, and send you a motivating text message to encourage you back; it’s all part of the service”

Online is a slightly different method, but similar text can be included next to the check box to persuade members of the benefits of opt-in. Some companies over complicate the options, but unless you segment your members to the nth degree, there’s little point. Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS) is a great mantra for effective member communications.

Increase your member communications effectiveness and options by collecting member data and selling opt-in.

Come back next week to find out about the clubs who don't give their members the option!

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