Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Being Your Own Boss

Many of my coaching clients and people that I meet at networking events love being their own boss… it is one of the main reasons that they started their own business. It takes hard work, passion, and a lot of dedication, and a coach can offer a lot of support in these areas.

The benefits of being your own boss are manifold; being in control of your schedule, deciding who you will (or won’t) work with, making your own choices, spending time with family or friends, and being able to say “I did that” are really rewarding.

However, when working for yourself, the path is strewn with difficult decisions, deadlines that can slip more easily, and plans can be easily interrupted or changed. Being your own boss is great, but sometimes, it’s good to have someone to answer to!

This is where my coach helps me, and I know that I help out a lot of my small business clients too. It can be as simple as being a sounding board for ideas and decisions, or setting a deadline to stick to. I’ve made many pledges to my coach, and received e-mails from coachees saying that the plan/proposal/project was completed as promised.

Often we go deeper, into the reasons why we’re setting a deadline, and the consequences of not meeting it. For extra motivation, it’s also good practice to check what could get in the way, and eliminate the excuses before they happen. This process really helps get things done (more than when your boss told you to do something) and can help businesses and individuals get where they want to be faster.

How does your coach or mentor or boss help you to progress? Let me know in the comments below, or contact us to arrange a meeting.

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