Wednesday, 16 January 2013

New Member KPIs - How to increase efficiency after the gym induction

January is the busiest time of the year for the fitness industry, as everybody knows. But how can your club be more effective and make the most of the seasonal member influx, while motivating your staff more?

Most clubs are packed this month, especially at peak times, and club staff feel rushed off their feet with inductions from dawn to dusk. They’re also handling queries and trying to deliver good customer service to existing members who may have concerns about all these new members getting more attention.

“I’ve done 25 new member inductions this week... 

...I am invincible!”

Hopefully you’ve already covered the common sense practices like getting existing members’ reviews done in December, booking inductions during quiet times, increasing resource on the gym floor and putting on extra options like classes to relieve the pressure. Some clubs we know offer extra privileges to existing members in January like priority class booking, or one-to-one time slots to make them feel valued alongside the new members.

Basic KPIs that your instructors can measure themselves will help long term retention of the new members, and the instructors too. Try these for size:

  • How many members complete the new member journey? ...if you measure your journey in steps or appointments, how many of those steps are made or missed?

An even simpler example:

  • If you ran a member’s induction, you are responsible for tracking their visits for the following 30 days. ...we’re aiming for at least 6 visits in the first 30 days, if it’s less than 6 visits, we need to see at least 2 communications with that member.

“I did 25 member inductions last week, and they’ve all been back since.  20 members have been 2 or three times, the other 5 have been once... 

...I am a LEGEND!”

As discussed previously, asking staff to reduce drop-out or increase 12 month retention is worthless. Focusing them on the small picture of getting new members into the habit will naturally reduce early drop-out, and give them more purpose and motivation too.

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