Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Budget Gyms as disruptors

Business disruptors are always interesting, and often very successful. We've blogged about low-cost gym market disruptors here many times, covering staff turnover, member messaging, and lessons from budget gyms. 

The 3 rules for market disruption are as follows:

  1. Constantly steer towards your objective
  2. Don’t wildly exceed people’s needs
  3. The most effortless experience wins

Budget gyms are constantly trying to get more people active – a good moral and ethical objective. Most member's needs are low, and the business model ensures that there are no superfluous services as part of the membership. But it is the final rule is where they blow the traditional market away.

The successful budget operator makes the member experience effortless compared to the competition:

  • Joining online
  • Choosing/refusing an induction
  • Referring a friend
  • Booking a class
  • Opening times
  • Queries & feedback
  • Cancelling membership

...all these processes are fine-tuned, automated, and just easier for the member than at traditional clubs.

How have you made (or how could you make) your member experience more effortless? Please leave your comments below...

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