Monday, 28 April 2014

Radical New Programme to Transform Fitness Industry

A revolutionary new concept is here and it’s going to shake up the Fitness Industry. Dubbed HIIT, the programme sees gym staff approaching members in the gym and introducing themselves; 

“Hi, I’m an Instructor/Trainer”

Staff initially find the interaction quite intense, so will normally try out HIIT for short intervals, before returning to their normal day-to-day routine of checking their smart phones, chatting to each other, or trying to look cool but unapproachable.

“I quickly got over the feeling of doing a hard sell when I realised all our members are already paying”, says Ward Parry, HIIT Instructor. “All we're doing is helping them to get fit and healthy, and introducing yourself using HIIT is an easy way to meet and get to know many different members and it makes your day go faster too!”

Some club members are taken aback by the interaction at first, thinking they've done something wrong, or missed a DD payment. But they are slowly getting used to instructors talking to them, and realise they are not just there to make new members do an induction.

Clubs that insist on calling their instructors 'Fitness Consultants' are encouraged to re-brand and compromise on 'Fitness Instructors', so that they have at least run a HIIFI programme.

HIIT is not to be confused with the alternating repetition/rest exercise strategy pioneered by Lord Seb Coe’s dad.

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