Wednesday, 26 November 2014

A Class Act in Month One

How many of your members visit a fitness class in month one? This is much easier to measure than first month visits. While it's not as effective a KPI as visits, and you're unlikely to hit 100%, you should be aiming for 100%.

Recent research by Melvyn Hillesdon as part of the TRP 10,000 showed that members who have tried classes stay longer than those who don't. So you should be trying to get every new member to try a class, just like you try to get them to have an induction. You're taking a risk, with their future health, as well as your future revenue, by not encouraging them to have an induction and attend a class in their first month.

As members join, have a short list 3 or 4 classes that you recommend to them. Make sure you (and your staff) have all attended these classes so they can talk about them and sell the benefits or reasons for trying a particular class, whether it's weight loss, motivation, social, or a fantastic instructor. You could be very honest “Members who try a class tend to stay longer and achieve their goals”.
If they don't book in, or fail to show for a booked class, then follow-up with an sms, email and/or phone call. It's in their interest (as well as yours) that they try one out, so don't let it go.

If you make your induction mandatory, why not make attending a group exercise class mandatory as well – just think how motivated and engaged your new members would be after month one!

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