Tuesday, 16 December 2014

I've said hello 5 times, what next?

I've said hello lots of times now to a bunch of members, and it's all good, but I don't know what to say next? I need to step it up, what do I say other than hello?

"Hello" is a great place to start, but you do need to move on after you've said it a few times to the same members. This is why programme reviews are a good excuse to interact.
If you know someone's programme is getting stale, that's a great opportunity to speak to them, or even just give their exercise routine a tweak, perhaps replacing one exercise or adding something new.

Other than a programme change, you could check what else you know about the member (particularly if you have a member notes system), or ask your fellow instructors what they know about the member. If there's nothing to go on, try to find something out about the member by talking to them. Here's a few ideas instructors came up with in our workshops to adapt and make your own:

  • Have you thought about joining our latest fitness challenge?
  • Is there any new (or old) kit that you'd like me to show you?
  • Are you getting closer to your exercise goals?
  • I see you're aiming to , how's it going?
  • Do you come here often? (apparently it works for some instructors!)
Check out our FitPro article from the archive here.

Part of the GGFaqs series, handling objections from new members who've just signed up.

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