Wednesday, 7 January 2015

I’m going to be a personal trainer

Many gym instructors have high ambitions, and plan to be personal trainers in the near future. This can sometimes lead to arrogance, and a disinterest in inductions, programme reviews and generally interacting with members.

However, to be a successful PT, you need a lot of skills and qualities. Some of these can be learnt at PT school, but the most important ones need to be practiced on the gym floor…

  • Talk to people. Interact with as many members as possible in the gym
  • Do new members inductions, ask about goals, needs, worries, and habits
  • Review programmes and ask about members' progress
  • Listen to what members want
  • Talk to more people. As well as practicing your interaction skills on gym members, you're building your network of prospects and potential referrals

The best testing ground and learning opportunity for an aspiring Personal Trainer is in the club, talking and listening to members and honing those interaction skills.

This is part of the GGFaqs series, handling objections from instructors about new members.

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