Friday, 2 January 2015

Make gym inductions happen!

The induction is one of the most important appointments you make; if it goes wrong, it can ruin all of the hard work that's gone into signing up a new member. We've covered the member who doesn't want an induction, but it's important to handle instructor's objections around inductions too.

Some instructors will let the member take the easy route, rather than deliver the perfect induction.
If a member doesn't show, it can feel like a good result, a free hour to patrol the gym floor. But that member is now at risk, and you've got to try to catch them to re-book.

If you have a problem with no-shows for inductions (say, more than 10% no-shows), then an SMS reminder is a great way to get more people to turn up. Depending on your systems and member volumes, this could be manually sent by instructors, or it could be automatically generated 24 hours before the appointment.

Ultimately, you need your instructors buy-in to the induction process, which is why asking them to send the messages can help. Conversely, by automating, you know it's been done!

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