Friday, 25 September 2015

MyWellness Challenge - October - Classy!

A Class based challenge is ideal for October. The weather is starting to turn, you've got a bunch of new members who joined in September, as well as a few returners. So get them, as well as all your regular members involved in your fitness classes!

If your class timetable is full, now's the time to add a couple more classes. If not, the Class Challenge will fill it up for you.

How many classes can you attend over three weeks in October? Join our Class Workout Challenge, and see if you can top the leader-board?

Type:  Classes Completed
Won by:  Whoever attends the most classes
Start Date:   3 Oct (or depending on your timetable)
Duration:  21 days (give members chance to join challenge and notch up the classes)
Prizes:  Without (or if you do... randomly selected from, say, top 10)
Challenge Name:  Who can attend the most classes in October?
Individual/Team:  Individual
Participants:  All
Include: All classes

This challenge can be run standalone in any club, but to make it super easy for your staff and members, check out the MyWellness Challenge app from Technogym.
We set-up, maintain, promote and report on MyWellness challenges for clubs. Click here to find more ideas for monthly challenges on the GGFit blog.

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