Friday, 2 October 2015

Keep them coming back for more Programme Reviews

Hairdressers do it, dentists do it, and the National Blood Service do it… SMS text reminders that your appointment is due. It’s important that customers show up for appointments, and keep coming back for more.

Many of these organisations don’t have huge IT budgets or high-tech systems, but they recognise the importance of keeping clients engaged. If you’re running a gym or health-club, sending a SMS or email out to members to remind them that their programme review is due is a simple but highly effective way to keep them coming back for more. The message itself doesn't improve retention, but if you deliver a highly motivating programme review, you’ll keep the member regular for another 3-6 months at least.

As well as making your programme review appointments more effective – setting goals, asking members what they want, listening, and setting a future review date based on the member’s needs, you can get more members to attend their reviews by sending a simple reminder message.

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