Monday, 26 October 2015

MyWellness Challenge - November - Team Running

Nearly November, let's get your members running again. It's cold outside, but show your members the benefits of using apps like Strava, MapMyFitness, RunKeeper, etc to track their movement outside the club, and you'll get all your members more active outside the club as well as filling up those treadmills!

Making this challenge team based could mix things up a bit... just make sure that the instructor who takes the running club out each week is limited on the number of members in their team, otherwise they'll "run away with it".

How far can you run (for your team) in November? Join our Team Running Challenge, and get your instructor the furthest?

Type:  Distance Run
Won by:  Whoever runs the longest distance
Start Date:   2nd Nov
Duration:  14 days
Prizes:  With? (winning instructor gets day off)
Challenge Name:  Which team can run the furthest in November?
Individual/Team:  Team
Participants:  All
Include: All activities

This challenge can be run standalone in any club, but to make it super easy for your staff and members, check out the MyWellness Challenge app from Technogym.
We set-up, maintain, promote and report on MyWellness challenges for clubs. Click here to find more ideas for monthly challenges on the GGFit blog.

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