Monday, 15 February 2016

LetsMoveForABetterWorld - Engage! GGFit Tips (3/5)

Technogym's Global Challenge starts on 1st March 2016, but you need to be prepared by now (click here for 14 tips that you should have already done). Most importantly, you need to have registered by this Thursday 18th Feb. 

download your bespoke marketing from the tools section of  the Let's Move site

All the details are on the Let's Move microsite, but here's what you should be doing in the 2 weeks running up to the challenge to ensure you get everyone involved:

  1. Send out your invitations to members via mywellness ASAP (one club has over 470 members already registered by 15 Feb)
  2. Make sure your all your staff are registered
  3. Incentivise members and staff - bragging rights/kudos, but also announce prizes/bonuses

Once the challenge starts on 1st March, ensure you regularly:

  1. Check leaderboards, not just individuals, but your clubs’ national ranking
  2. Update social media with totals, news, top movers, ask for selfies!
  3. Monitor other clubs’ participation, search #letsmoveforabetterworld and challenge/chase them!
  4. Celebrate milestones in club and on social media, and ask for retweets and likes

Get your members engaged and ready now, not on 1st March. Check back here for more tips on boosting your club's MOVEs, and helping to promote activity.

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