Friday, 4 March 2016

LetsMoveForABetterWorld - Backward Compatibility for Wellness - GGFit Tips (4/5)

A few clubs have not yet upgraded to the MyWellness Cloud, and still use the Wellness system. Unfortunately, it's not possible to take part in the Let's Move global challenge, but you can still run simple challenges, and even compete against other clubs.

If you are one of these clubs, and want to set-up a challenge to compete with other clubs who are part of the same group or family, then try a distance challenge. Here's how:

You can't easily measure MOVEs in the (old) Wellness System, so we need to use another metric which is common to both systems reports, such as distance. To reduce the chance of cheating (!), we suggest you just count the indoor distance run and/or cycled.

To run the distance report on a Wellness System (old) site:
  1. General Reports (not Predefined reports)
  2. Choose the “Total Results Report”...
    • Filters: Main tab [top right] (no selection),
    • Technical tab:- Select Period: Start Date: 01/03/2016
    • Sorting:- Distance (Z->A)
    • Display Fields:- include Trainer, Group
  3. Run & export to excel

To run the distance report on a MyWellness (Cloud) site:
  1. Navigate to Contacts, Reports, Total Results
    • Filters: Change the Start Date to: 01/03/2016
    • Deselect all fields in Body Measurements
    • Ensure Assigned Staff includes “Fitness Instructor"
  2. Apply the filters
  3. Export to excel
Total the distances for each site, or count the top 100 exercisers from each site, or you could take the overall average distance per member. 

You can run the reports once or twice a week and publish a league table. Don't forget to offer a prize to the winning club - something motivating for members and staff!

Good luck, and keep your members MOVING!

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