Tuesday, 8 March 2016

LetsMoveForABetterWorld - Celebrate - GGFit Tips (5/5)

Technogym's Global Challenge for 2016 is well under way, and while it's a little too soon to see what the final results will look like, you need to start to plan your celebrations, and you should also be celebrating along the way...

Assuming all your members, guests, staff, and community are fully engaged, you'll be keeping an eye on your internal leader boards, as well as the global leaderboard for where your club stands in the country ranking, and where your country stands in the global ranking. Here's some more tips:

  • Share and shout about any movement in your club's position, particularly if you overtake a local competitor
  • Publish the top ten movers for the challenge as a whole, or give out spot prizes or simple thank-you's for members who collect the most moves over a weekend (check this post for bespoke reports)
  • Take lots and lots of photos. Individuals (or even selfies?) work well for your best movers, or take group shots of members with their guests, or the current winning instructor with a group of their members. Share and tag them with #LetsMoveForABetterWorld to get extra re-tweets and likes
Of course, when the challenge finishes on 19th March, there will be celebrations galore... after all, everyone's a winner! But get ready now to:
  • Send out thank-you's to all your members for their MOVEs
  • Photograph your winners, and share results with local media and on social media
  • Follow-up any guest passes with offers to join
  • Announce your April challenge to keep the momentum going!
How are you celebrating already, and what plans do you have to get the most out of Let's Move 2016? Please comment below...

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