Friday, 10 June 2016

Maximising ROI from Events with Lead Forensics

When it comes to events and exhibitions, Lead Forensics is the tool that can guarantee a return on your investment. Click here to find out how it works, or read on to get some conference tips and tricks.


Before the show, preparation is key.
Who will be you be meeting, who would you like to meet, or who is showing an interest. Lead Forensics tells you who is looking at your events page or elsewhere on your website, and if you drive people to your site with email links, you can decide who you need to meet and focus on at the show.


At the event, it’s all about talking to your customers, prospects and leads, registering their interest in certain products, and recording all their detail. You can get real time info from your Lead Forensics portal as to who’s on your website, and get triggered reports of hits on certain pages, or companies who have spent a certain amount of time, or looked at a specified number of pages.


After the conference or exhibition is where Lead Forensics really comes into its own. You might have 50 or 100 leads to follow-up, and Lead Forensics can help you to prioritise your list by showing you which companies are really engaged with your brand following the event. Once again, driving this data will help to bring even more focus; a follow-up email to every lead will show you which ones are clicking on links, but with Lead Forensics, you see where they’re clicking next, who else they’re sharing information with in the organisation, and where they’re looking too.

Right Now:

If you've got an event coming up, you need to get a FREE TRIAL of Lead Forensics running. It’s simple to set-up, and the information you get will be invaluable. Click here to find out more, arrange a demo and get your FREE TRIAL.

Find out more about Lead Forensics and GGFit here.

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