Thursday, 6 October 2016

Measuring member engagement

You know how many members you have, or how many are paying, at least. But just how engaged are your members?

There’s a bunch of metrics you can use with social media to measure engagement – likes, follows, clicks, shares, etc. But knowing how your active members feel about their experience in your club is critical to your business.
By the time they’re disengaged, it’s too late. Measuring attrition is important, but the horse has bolted. Count your chickens earlier in the process, try some of these simple engagement measures…

  1. Active member percentage – how many have visited in the last x days (e.g. x=30days)
  2. Active programme percentage – how many members have an active programme
  3. Class member penetration – what percentage of members have attended a class in the last month
  4. Challenge participation – how many members completed, or took part in, the last club challenge
  5. High Risk Percentage – how many members are at high risk of leaving
  6. High Risk Interactions – how many high risk members you spoke to
  7. High Fives given out – how many members received a high five congratulation message in the last week
  8. Total member distance travelled, moves made, iron pumped, weight lost, etc
  9. Newsletter Opens, Clicks, Unsubscribes, etc
  10. Customer surveys completed, feedback score, Net Promoter Score

Let us know how you measure your member engagement in the comments below, or contact us if you want to know more about these KPIs and how you could monitor them in your club.

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