Thursday, 5 January 2017

Managing Customer Reviews (Sales & Retention Convention pt4)

We were honoured to have Wayne from Feefo present as our guest speaker at the Sales & Retention Convention. Wayne delivered a very educational half-hour talk on managing online reviews and how to improve your web presence.

We avoided the customary “if you’re not on social media, someone’s talking about you on social media” commentary. Instead, the presentation was packed with fascinating stats, for example:

  • 83% of consumers are influenced by online reviews
  • 75% of consumers expect to be able to feedback on their experience
  • 25% of reviews on open platforms are fake

Your members want to leave reviews. If you request them, you’ll get a lot of positive feedback. If you get some negative feedback too, this is not necessarily a negative… Only 5% of consumers don’t purchase after reading a negative review. And 30% of consumers suspect censorship if there are no negative reviews!

There was a lot more excellent advice on managing your online presence, including space jumps, gorilla masks, and how to get your members to bring reviews to life. The whole presentation linked into both the sales and retention process that we discussed in other sessions so well, it was like we planned it!

In summary, delegates went away intending to collect more member reviews, independently publish them where possible, and increase their search engine optimisation and click through rates.

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