Tuesday, 28 May 2019

mywellness - challenges for June 2019

Members of the GGFit mywellness Challenge Club received this content earlier this week. If you would like regular challenge ideas, a 12-month planner template and example, plus lots of other free content, sign up at ggfit.com/challenge.

Burnie Summers

Burnie (calorie) challenges are always popular; they appeal to a lot of members, and educate too - showing members how many calories they burn on their average workout…

  • Name: Burnie Summers 2019
  • Challenge Type: Calories Burned
  • Won by: Everyone who burns 3000kCal
  • Dates: 3 June for 14 days
  • Prize: voucher/prize from local sports shop, fitbit, or similar to randomly selected member(s) who complete
  • Individual
  • Exercises: All exercises inside the club

3,000 kCal is not ever so challenging over 2 weeks - probably around 4-6 workouts for your average member, but we're trying to engage with as many members as possible [those who complete it in 2 or 3 days don't need motivating]. We want members who can do it over 10 days or 14 (you could always extend the challenge if you want to get even more involved).

Move for the Women's Football World Cup

Anyone can join this challenge. Top teams in the world cup will play 6 matches - 3 group stage, then quarters, semis, and final. Your members aim is to complete 2,000 MOVEs (approx what a footballer will make during a game) 6 times over the course of the tournament. Again, not too difficult, but that's the idea. You can increase the target if you wish, but you'll have to work harder to sign people up, and could end up demotivating them!

  • Name: Move for the Women's World Cup
  • Type: MOVEs
  • Won by: Everyone who totals 24,000 MOVEs
  • Time/Duration: 7 June - 7 July (30 days)
  • Prize: none
  • Individual
  • Exercises: All in the club

Let us know if you’re running one or both of these challenges next month, or if you have other ideas of innovative or event-based challenges?
Also please let us know how you get on with the challenges – any staff or member feedback, testimonials or stories.

For more challenge ideas, a 12-month planner template, plus lots of other free content, sign up at ggfit.com/challenge.

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