Monday, 1 November 2010

SMART Goals (part 2)


At a recent member retention workshop, we asked a group of fitness professionals to re-write the standard ‘lose weight’ goal as a SMART goal.  Using role play and working with each other as members, here are 5 of the best that they came up with:

• It is 14 Feb & I can fit into my size 12 dresses
• It is the end of January and I can walk all the way up the escalator at Tottenham Court Road without being out of breath
• I feel good on the beach in my bikini on my holiday in March
• I have more choice when shopping for clothes in the January sales
• It’s the end of December and I have visited the gym at least once a week

Not all of these goals cover all the bases of SMART, but they are good varied examples, and you would have to check with the individual on Attainability and Relevance.

These examples are given to help SMART goal setting, not to be assigned to your members. Remember that a goal is personal and as such, all members’ goals should be different.

Please feel free to add your own (or a member’s) SMART Goal for ‘lose weight’ in the comments below.

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harry said...

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