Friday, 12 November 2010

SMART Goals (part 3)


Often the hardest kind of member to set goals with is one who doesn’t want or need to lose weight, but joins the gym to keep fit. The good news is that these members usually have good motivation already, but it’s still important to help them set some SMART goals to keep motivation levels up in times of trouble.

The key factor here to find out what the member means by keeping fit. Sometimes this will come back to the classic ‘lose weight’ type goals. Alternatively, a future event will help to focus on what they mean by keeping fit, or visualising or explaining how they will feel by ‘keeping fit’.

Repeating the exercise in part 1 with another workshop group, we redefined ‘keep fit’ with the following goals. Again, not all are truly SMART, but they are improvements on “I just want to keep fit”:

• I will complete my charity 10km run in April in under 45 minutes
• It’s the end of March and I can swim 15 lengths of the pool non-stop
• I’ve been skiing for a week in January and am not completely knackered at the end of each day
• I can play a full game of 5-a-side without needing a sub break by March
• I’ve completed the London to Brighton bike ride (June)

As before, these examples are to help instructors with getting members to set their own SMART goals. All members’ goals are personal to them; their own goals will be much more Attainable and Relevant, and they will take more Responsibility too. You can help the Measurables, and keep their motivation going by helping them move towards the goal.

Please feel free to add your own (or a member’s) SMART Goal for ‘keep fit’ in the comments below.

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