Wednesday, 24 November 2010

SMART Goals (part 4)


The third type of member on our course was the person who wanted to gain strength. Now most fitness professionals love these members, they often identify with them and want to jump straight on the bench press or smith machine and pump some iron. However to monitor progress and maintain motivation, it’s still important to set SMART goals.

Here’s what the workshop came up with for SMART Strength goals:

• It’s now 31 March and I can bench press 3x10 sets of ### kg and squat 3x10 sets of ### kg
• My biceps / thighs measure ### cm by April
• I’m stronger, so I am able to make more tackles and shake off more tacklers when playing rugby in February
• I am competing in Mr/Mrs Universe next summer
• I can hit the golf/tennis ball further/harder at the start of next season

As before, please do not take these goal examples and assign them to your members. All members’ goals should be personal to them; they are much more likely to take responsibility for, and ultimately achieve their own goals.

Please feel free to add your own (or a member’s) SMART Goal for ‘STRENGTH’ in the comments below.

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harry said...

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